V-Con Shopping Starts Now!V-Malaysia 2014 starts tomorrow! Get a head-start by thinking about your V-Con shopping now and make the most of every second at V-Malaysia by doing these two things as soon as you can…

Download the V-Con Mobile App

We’ve already explained the 3 ways to shop at V-Con. One of those ways is with your mobile by downloading the QNET VCON app (Already available in Google Play App Store with iPhone version coming).

With the app, scan product barcodes straight into your eStore Shopping Cart and we’ll push important live notifications about V-Con sessions and news right to your mobile throughout the 5 days of V-Malaysia 2014!

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QNET VCON APP CASHBACK*: To help reduce queues, we really want you to use the mobile app for your shopping. So to help you do that, you will automatically get cash back just by shopping with the QNET VCON mobile app. See the announcement in the World Plan Virtual Office for details.

*World Plan only. Freebie incentive on for India Plan (See India Virtual Office announcement for details).

Check out the V-Con eStore in your Virtual Office

The pop-up V-Con eStore has opened for business in your Virtual Office. That means you can officially start shopping before the doors have even opened! Shop in the V-Con eStpre and then when you arrive at V-Con on the first day, head to the Pick-up counter and present your receipt to collect your shopping – So easy, no queues and hassle free.

If you’re not going to V-Con, why not buy in the V-Con eStore and ask a friend to bring back? If you’re at V-Con and plan to purchase for your downlines or customers, have them email you a letter authorising you to collect their products as well as a copy of their ID or passport.

Give yourself more time to network and enjoy V-Con by thinking about your shopping sooner and get familiar with the new mobile app with barcode scanner before things start to get crazy!


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