QNET Super Mum

Being a mum is as challenging as it is fun. The kids are absolutely delightful and you’re responsible for ensuring they get what they need and grow up to be good people, and along with the beautiful glow that comes with being a new mum are the sleepless nights and the stress of balancing your life.

A lot of people agree that it’s one of the best, most important, and therefore toughest jobs in the world – only being a mum doesn’t get you time off, or health insurance, and least of all, a monthly wage for all your hard work. It’s kind of being like Superman, really.

Luckily, there’s an equally super opportunity for mums to earn money without having to sacrifice their primary roles. Network marketing is an industry dominated by women and you can bet that many of those women are mothers who entered the business seeking a way to help financially provide for their family while remaining fully present in their children’s lives.

According to the Direct Selling Association of America, 82% of network marketers are women. The reason behind this seems to be not only due to the fact that the business provides plenty of flexibility but also because the nature of network marketing is compatible with the skills that women, particularly mothers, possess.

  1. Network marketing is all about nurturing relationships. Network marketing is a people business based on creating a wide network from which you must build strong customer relationships. Mothers know the importance of building these relationships and generally have a more natural sense of empathy, which allows them to understand and meet customer needs more easily.
  2. Mothers are naturally attuned to interpersonal communications. Women share information all the time, whether it is about personal interests or matters that involve the people in their lives, among many other things. In different events, they always find an opportunity to bond. This is great for a business that banks on establishing new connections.
  3. Mothers are great multi-taskers. ‘Super Mums’, remember? Mothers are capable of balancing work, mummy business, and still have time to catch up with the girls and pamper themselves a bit. It’s a great skill to have when you’re running a network marketing business, and network marketing would also allow them to balance their lives even more effectively.
  4. Network marketing provides security. Network marketing gives women a fallback plan in the face of job security threats. On its own, it is a sustainable business that can be managed with less the hassle of regular full-time jobs. The security network marketing provides falls in place with the desire of mothers to ensure that their families will be all right. Furthermore, because the network marketing industry is a strongly equal opportunity industry, women need not feel threatened by discrimination as they are able to enjoy the same benefits as men here.

The network marketing industry is one that thrives to help people raise themselves in order to help many others more. And for women who are essentially the superheroes of everyday life, a network marketing business is like a league of hope and headquarters for spreading success and good deed from the home to the rest of mankind.