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We’ve made our stance clear – we offer the best, safest and healthiest home environment for you, our customers and Independent Representatives! A vast range of new and revolutionary Home Care products have been launched at our biggest convention of the year, V-Malaysia 2014 in Penang.

Our two celebrity hosts, QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and Chief Pathman Senathirajah – got up on stage at V-Malaysia 2014 in front of thousands to introduce our newest additions to the Home Care category of the QNET eStore.

AirPure 2

Freshly delivered on stage by Aramex – QNET’s logistics partner – to the awaiting hands of Chief Pathman, the new and improved AirPure is back and upgrade! The 4-stage air purification system allows for up to 99.97% pure and energised air. A classy new design, additional features and more goodness packed into the possibly the world’s only air purification system that partners with Amezcua to encapsulate the revolutionary technology of the energised Air Filter to supercharge the air your family breathes.

HomePure Eaze

HomePure Eaze is lighter on your pocket but bigger on convenience. Designed to look great on your countertop and with easy push-button operation, enjoy fresh refined, filtered water on-hand whenever you want it. Plus, 5 stages of filtration including ultrafiltration ensures clean, healthy and great tasting water.

HomePure Prefilter

The under-sink Prefilter is a vital add-on to your HomePure water filter if your tap water is of particularly poor quality. The Prefilter removes the largest particles of rust, mud and sediment before filtration thus extending the life of your HomePure Filter Cartridge. It can also be used as a light filter on your shower or other outlets.

HomePure Alkaline Jug

Last year, we launched the portable Alkaline Stick, convenient for those constantly on the go. Now we have introduced a permanent, home-based alternative – the Alkaline Jug. A member of QNET’s panel of experts, Dr Jeon Hyoung-Tag, Head Scientist at KICET Korea got on stage at V-Con to explain how you can maintain good health with alkaline water. Many of the foods we eat are highly acidifying; as are pollution, stress, alcohol and a lack of exercise. Drinking alkaline water combats the harmful effects of these by restoring vital pH balance. The result is an antioxidant that promotes better absorption of minerals and nutrients while stabilising cells. And remember, REAL Water is alkaline water.


Do you ever stop to think about how hygienic your cleaning rags, dish cloths and towels really are? QNET’s newest product, Nodorsil with patented Silversan® technology from Switzerland is the answer to this problem! Silversan® technology uses benefits of silver to guarantee 99% fewer germs not just after the first, second or 10th wash; but even after hundred of washes your Nodorsil cloth’s anti-bacterial power will stay as strong as the day you got it!