Test results prove the antibacterial properties of Nodorsil microfibre cloths from QNET An independent Swiss laboratory has found that a Nodorsil cloth washed 50 times produces 99.6% less bacteria than a regular cloth that’s brand new.

The lab, Swiss Quality Testing Services, produced the result by comparing never-before-washed cloths without any antibacterial treatment with Nodorsil microfibre cloths washed numerous times.

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After contaminating all the cloths with controlled amounts of bacteria, the lab incubated the cloths in conditions that bacteria enjoy. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Nodorsil Test Results

Average bacteria count after incubation
New Regular Cloth (Never washed)1,150,000
Nodorsil Cloth (Washed 50 times)15,000


Yup, that’s THREE less zeros on the bacteria count of the Nodorsil cloth, even after being washed in a washing machine 50 times!

In fact, even after hundreds of washes, Nodorsil remains just as anti-bacterial as the day it was delivered to you!

The secret to this amazing result is Silversan® technology providing the longest-lasting antibacterial efficiency in the market.

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