Rashid-QNET-MaryoomQNET UAE revelled in Rashid Centre’s Hag Al Leila celebrations in Dubai last week.

Hag Al Leila, which means ‘for this night’, celebrates the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan. It is an annual occasion in the middle of Sha’aban, the eighth month in the Islamic Hijri calendar where Emirati families and children across the UAE exchange sweets and memories of the occasion. In the late afternoon, children knock on neighbours’ doors asking for small offerings by saying ‘Atoona Hag Al Laila’, which means “give us sweets for tonight”.

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Maktoum Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, was the guest of honor at the celebration, along with Rasid Centre General Manager Mariam Othman and QNET Regional General Manager (Middle East and North Africa) Khaled Diab.

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“QNET respects Emirati culture and traditions and strongly supports Rashid Centre’s initiatives in providing avenues for children with special needs to express their creativity and their innate talents” says Khaled.

QNET showcased the new Maryoom abaya collection designed by young people from the Rashid Centre which promotes Middle Eastern culture.

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Mariam Othman explains that the Rashid Centre takes a strengths-based approach to develop the natural born talents of young people and encourage creativity and entrepreneurship from a young age.