QNET Achievers Claim Gold in the Phillippines

On 14 June we treated our Achievers in the Philippines like superstars! QNET Philippines hosted its first local Gold Star Achievers’ Awards as part of its regular Super Saturday programme.

The ceremony began with an introduction and QNET Achievers’ Club video, followed by a presentation by Support Centre Assistant Manager Salene Kwan about the new Achievers’ Club website which can be accessed through your QNET Virtual Office.

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One of the recipients, Dr Mark Platon shared his experience of being recognised as a QNET Gold Star Achiever at V-Malaysia 2014. The other two gold star recipients were Ma. Czarina Platon and Renny Borlagdan. New QNET Silver Star Achievers also received certificates.

The three QNET Gold Star Achievers were presented with their Gold pin from QNET’s esteemed leaders, VP TG Kintanar (pictured right) and Diamond Star VP Ferdinand Tolentino.

A key part of the success of our newest Gold Stars is the attention they place on accumulating Repeat Sales Points (RSP) which are critical for rank advancement.

Huge congratulations to our amazing IRs on your achievement!