Achiever_qbuzzQNET invites you to the exclusive new online QNET Achievers’ Club featuring the 1,000 new Gold Stars who received pins at V-Malaysia 2014.

The recognition of such a large number of Independent Representatives achieving Gold Star Rank breaks all QNET records because of the Go For Gold Plus promo earlier this year which offered a fast track to Gold for a limited time.

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To accommodate so many new achievers, pins were awarded by Directors from QNET and The V in three separate sessions. V Partners Sathi Senathirajah, Arun George and TG Kintanar also participated in the awards.

Our achievers are living proof that success with QNET is within reach. See all the pictures from the events plus glamour shots of all our Platinum and Diamond Stars and a full list of names of all our Gold Stars on the new online QNET Achievers’ Club.

Rank Advancement is the way we reward sustainable sales practices by, for example, promoting repeat sales to your existing customer base as well as to new customers.

Discover how you too can really start living through Rank Advancement in the new Achievers’ Club website. Visit the site by clicking on the QNET Achievers’ Club badge on your QNET Virtual Office dashboard.