Take Swiss eLearning Institute online course in project management available exclusively from QNETDo you ever find yourself asking how massive things ever get done? How huge feats of engineering are accomplished? How big events are mounted or how businesses are grown exponentially? All these things involve effective project management.

According to the Project Management Institute, Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

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American business consultancy BizManualz lists ten reasons why there’s a need for project management:

  1. Control “scope creep” and manage change
  2. Deliver project results on time and on budget
  3. Focus the project team on the solution
  4. Obtain project buy-in from disparate groups
  5. Define the critical path to optimally complete your project
  6. Provide a process for estimating project resources, time and costs
  7. Communicate project progress, risks and changes
  8. Identify and explore project assumptions
  9. Prepare for unexpected issues
  10. Document, transfer and apply lessons learnt from your projects.

So, if you want to accomplish something big for yourself like building your dream house or building a business, you have to learn the principles of project management and acquire the necessary project management skills.

UK-based project management portal ProjectSmart.co.uk prescribes eight skills needed on the path to project management:

  1. Be a leader and a manager
  2. Be a team builder and a team leader
  3. Be a problem solver
  4. Be a negotiator and influencer
  5. Be an excellent communicator
  6. Be a good organiser
  7. Be a competent and consistent planner
  8. Set-up and manage budgets.

Become a great project manager, take up a project management course. Swiss eLearning Institute can definitely help you with that as they have a course on Project Management. This course will help you learn the keys to delivering successful projects which are visible, repeatable, measurable and predictable.

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Happy learning!