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Your home should be a healthy home — comfortable and nurturing. Unfortunately, unseen dangers linger around your home and threaten you and your family’s well-being. These are not the bump-in-the-night, paranormal kind of intruders either. Chemicals, germs, viruses, and other pests do you harm if left unchecked.

QNET’s Home Care range of products, takes a look at some of the trouble spots around the home and offers solutions on how to maintain a safe and healthy home.

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Everyone gravitates to the kitchen. It’s part restaurant, part entertainment centre and part family room. It’s also ground zero for trouble. Every surface is a magnet for bacteria, viruses, germs, roaches, and other pests.

The humble sponge — no bigger than your palm — can hold mould, as well as thousands of germs and food-borne pathogens if not cleaned or stored properly.

Use a little counter intelligence by keeping all surfaces cleaned and sanitised after you cook. This extra step will help eliminate food bacteria such as campylobacter (a common cause of diarrhea).

Bonus Tip: Keep a lid on roach infestations by washing dishes and utensils immediately after eating, storing food in tightly sealed containers and keeping trash in a container with a top on it.

Health Tip: Switch to QNET’s Nodorsil microfibre cloths! Even after several hundred washes your Nodorsil cloth’s anti-bacterial power will be as strong as the day you got it!

Notice how water is needed for all of the above. We all know that clean water is one of the most essential elements to good health for every household. From washing, cooking and to that glass of water you drink daily. Water is widely involved and essential for every cell that makes up our body.

Getting your daily requirement of water helps your organs function and keeps your skin clear and hydrated. Water that we consume and bathe in needs to be carefully filtered to protect us from harmful contaminants.

Not only is the quantity of water important, but also the quality. Water that is contaminated may actually add to the toxin levels in your body. Numerous types of contaminants are leached into our water from pipes, pesticides, acid rain, toxic waste dumping and so on.

HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and HomePure Eaze are a great way to remove up to 99% of all of the contaminants in your water. HomePure water filters produce water that is naturally balanced because it allows natural trace minerals to pass through during filtration, while ensuring contaminants are filtered out.

What about the air in your home?
Indoor air quality is a growing concern as modern homes are built to be airtight for energy efficiency. When ventilation is restricted, indoor air quality deteriorates. Bad air can trigger coughing, nasal and chest congestion, sore throat, watery or itchy eyes, shortness of breath and asthma attacks.

Here’s an idea! Get your hands on QNET’s AirPure 2! It is most likely one of the few affordable and comprehensive air purifiers available. With four distinctive purification stages, AirPure 2 has an air purifying efficiency of up to 99.97% and can be dimmed to give you the good night’s sleep you need.

Remember, a happy home is a healthy one!