Find HomePure water filters under Homce Care in the QNET eStoreHomePure water filters from QNET are, hands down, the best water filters in the market. Why? Because unlike other water treatment methods that suck vitamins, minerals and ions out of water, HomePure’s ultrafiltration (UF) filter at the core of its Filter Cartridges remove all bacteria and contaminants but, critically, allow nourishing minerals to pass through.

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To enjoy your HomePure water filter for a long time, you should know how to properly care for it. Here are three important things to memorise about your HomePure 7-Stage or HomePure Eaze.

1. Stick to the manual

Read and understand the instructions. This is the only way you will know how to assemble and install your unit correctly, how to care for it and what to do in case you experience problems.

2. Keep it cool

Both HomePure 7-Stage and HomePure Eaze systems should only be used with unheated tap water (4°C to 35°C). Hot water destroys the activated carbon filter media and when that happens, the water will no longer taste as good and so, you will need to change the filter cartridge.

3. Play it safe

Use only metropolitan tap water. That is, water which is treated by your local water authority. A HomePure filter is not designed to sanitise water from potentially hazardous sources such as rivers, ponds and wells. All domestic water filtration systems in the world are intended to be connected to treated water supplies, e.g. municipal water.

If you adhere to these three important pointers, you can be assured that your QNET HomePure unit is kept in good shape and the water you drink from it is life-sustaining and healthy.

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