Network-Marketing-Presentation-1on1Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!

The presentation is everything. In network marketing, if you fail to convince people to join you with your presentation, you won’t go very far. On the other hand, present well and great results won’t be far behind. Especially if you choose to work with a company as generous as QNET!

Chief Pathman started presenting when he was 23. He became so good at it that today he does it more for the love than the money. These are Chief Pathman’s network marketing presentation tips which he gave to a group of Independent Representatives in Bangkok last week (pictured below).

  1. Tell a story

Give your presentation a story but make your prospect the hero, not you. Your prospects are people who have dreams and their own set of challenges. Your story should not be you coming in to save them from their own failures but rather be a helping hand that can, if they enrol, empower them to rise above their challenges through their own endeavour and hard work.

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  1. Listen actively

The story begins, turns and ends on your prospect. Get them talking about their dreams. Every person has unique dreams, challenges and circumstances that characterise their life. Through artful conversation allow their story to unfold. Share anecdotes about yourself or others but only with the purpose to help them imagine their own story more vividly.

  1. Have thick skin

Your prospect is not rejecting you, they are rejecting the offer. How often do you walk into a department store, look around, talk with a sales person and walk out again without buying anything? Do you think the sales person gets upset when you leave? No. Do they put their head in their hands and start crying? No, of course not. They don’t care one bit. That’s the attitude you need. Be ready for rejection and don’t let it eat away your positive mindset!

  1. Be gentle

Your prospect is not you, so treat them gently; especially if they don’t know you well. Only a nutter would run up to people they don’t know asking if they want to be a millionaire! Remember, they’re coming to QNET from a normal, perhaps even monotonous life. Urge them to commit not by slapping them in the face with demands or ultimatums but by massaging them towards this life-changing decision.


In the end, you cannot decide for your prospect, they will decide for themselves. Aside from these presentation tips, Chief Pathman’s advice is to surround yourself with positive team members and uplines. There is tremendous power in being around like-minded people, so keep negative people at bay and always keep hold of your own dream.

Until you start making serious money, you must never lose sight of your “why”. Constantly remind yourself that your dreams are important and press on.

It is normal to not make a lot of money for the first 2 or 3 years and then you will reach a tipping point when you know you have made it. Network marketing is about staying power. It’s a longer-term investment of your time. But once the money starts coming in and people start seeing the positive changes in your life(style), convincing people that you can truly help them achieve their dreams becomes a whole lot easier.