Why do you need English? You need English because it opens the door to over 2 billion people on this planet. Watch this video and find out what QNET’s grand upline, Chief Pathman Senathirajah has to say about English and an exciting opportunity from QNET to learn it!

Do you find yourself tongue-tied when trying to speak English? Do you find yourself at a loss for words? And think about it, how many opportunities are you costing yourself because you can’t properly express yourself in English?

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It is undeniable that in today’s globalised world, communication is the key to success and speaking just one language is no longer enough. Not only in the business world, but English is widely used across the globe as the major language of online communication, science, media, cinema, politics and even entertainment.

Unlock the door to the world with Swiss eLearning Institute English for Beginners as we guide you through the steps of learning English, covering everything from basic grammar, often used idioms and phrases to pronunciation and making conversation. Swiss eLearning Institute English for Beginners is specifically designed for non-native speakers to learn English in a fun and intuitive manner. And as they say, learning English with us is like a ‘walk in the park’.

Give yourself the jump start you need. Enrol in English for Beginners and open the door to a billion more opportunities. Check it our in the QNET eStore under Education for more details.