Bio-Disc-Testimonial-Nigeria“We don’t just like Bio Disc, we love it!” That’s what James Olorunosebi and Kemi Bakre from Nigeria say about their Amezcua Bio Disc 2 which they keep close every day of their lives.

“We feel protected from the harmful effects of six mobile phones that’re around us all day and two laptops that’re close to use when we sleep. We also work in the energy and telecommunications industries where we constantly interact with electronics and then we wade through traffic to get to and from work which only adds more physical and psychological stress to our lives. But Bio Disc 2 is perfect for us, it helps harmonise our energies, protects us and actually is a fashion statement in itself,” says Kemi

James and Kemi also have a great usage tip for the Bio Disc 2.

“Our Bio Disc is our only bed mate! We sleep with it and wake up unstressed and ready for our busy day ahead.”

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