Is your Bio Disc a Fake, Scam or Replica? How can you tell?Can you tell the difference between these two Bio Discs? Looking at them, it’s hard to notice any difference but one could be real and the other a fake. The Amezcua Bio Disc is one of QNET’s oldest, most popular and best known products but its success has one drawback, scammers want to fake them!

It breaks our heart when we see fake, scam or replica Bio Discs for sale around the Internet. Some are clearly not original because they have different packaging or are physically different but others look almost identical, packaging and all.

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To avoid being duped by a fake bio disc scam, here is your guide to confirming that your Bio Disc is real.

1. Made in Germany

An original Amezcua Bio Disc is made in one place and one place only, Germany. This is one of the best ways to recognise a fake Bio Disc because most replicas seem to come from China. Take note of where the person selling the Bio Disc is based.

2.  Certified effectiveness

Our German made Amezcua Bio Discs are made using a proprietary process in a high precision environment. Our high quality Bio Discs have been subjected to numerous tests by independent labs in Germany, Russia and Japan. This includes testing for radioactivity. This testing is your assurance that the Amezcua Bio Disc you purchase is both safe and effective.

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3. Purchased from QNET eStore

There is one guaranteed way to ensure the Amezcua Bio Disc you buy is safe and effective – Buy it from the QNET eStore via an Independent Representative (IR). But in addition to that, whether buying an Amezcua Bio Disc or anything from one of our IRs, make sure you get a receipt generated by the eStore as added certainty.

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4.  If it’s too cheap to be true, it probably isn’t true

Finally, one of the appeals of a fake Bio Disc is that they are often very cheap to buy. But there is a reason they are so cheap. Don’t get caught in a Bio Disc scam! Fakes are produced by fraudsters who don’t know anything about Amezcua’s energising proprietary manufacturing process and are interested only in making money from shoddy fake products. For your own health and peace of mind, keep away.