The striking Hugo Chronograph from Swiss watchmaker Bernhard H. Mayer® is available in a series of strking and bold colours: black, black and rose gold, grey and blue. But what do these colours say about you?

Check out this slide show to find out what the colours mean and choose your own very cool Hugo Chronograph to perfectly suit you!

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Bernhard H. Mayer® has a great story behind every watch they make which goes back to the humble beginnings of the company in 1871. With this history, the Hugo Chronograph is a watch you will wear with pride. But in addition to history and bold colourings, the watch also has complexity.

Being a chronograph, it contains an extremely sophisticated mechanism that allows it to also function as a stopwatch. If you are a watch connoisseur, you will know that a chronograph is not easy to assemble. It requires great skill by a master watchmaker to assemble the many complicated movements, thus the Hugo Chronograph is steeped in character!

So, what would you like your watch to say about you?

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