MCFC-Eswaran-VCon“Football contributes to a positive atmosphere and energy in the world, it offers an automatic method for individuals to connect with society globally. Football is a game for all and it thrives on human instinct from the Americas to Africa to the Middle East to Asia,” says QNET Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran.

Wise words from a wise man. So what does football teach us about direct selling? It’s quite inspirational!

1) Team chemistry is everything

Like network marketing, it takes time in football to create a team chemistry that generates success. You don’t just sign 11 players and expect everyone to bond instantly and be on the same page.  It would spell disaster if you were their coach.  Similarly, the golden rule in network marketing is that one cannot sign on the dotted line and expect the money to immediately roll in.  The road to success is long and it can only happen through practice, hard work and team development.

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2) Stick to the game plan

At the end of the day, it all comes down to points scored.  But that doesn’t mean a successful football team doesn’t have a strategy.  There’s certain times when it’s clear that the key to winning is to pass the ball and score.  But to get to that point there needs to be a lot of work in the form of a game plan. In network marketing not everything you do is about closing sales, much of it is also about lining up those sales, developing your funnel and training your team. Just because a strategy doesn’t pay off immediately doesn’t mean it’s not working.

3) Share the passion

As our Founder says, the passion for the game is constant no matter where you go, just as our IRs are passionately crazy about QNET. Football is a game for all, it’s a universal language which draws on human nature throughout the world.

According to Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, “QNET is like a football team. We believe that people are at their strongest when they work as a team. We can be effective in the network marketing business if we think like a professional football manager. To win; we assemble the best players, train incredibly hard, formulate winning strategies, out do our opponents and continuously build our skills and knowledge of the game.”