QNET Representatives are EntrepreneursToday is World Entrepreneurs’ Day, a day to celebrate and promote the importance of developing businesses and building better economies. Entrepreneurship not only benefits business owners, it also serves as a catalyst for growth in nations. It generates job opportunities, stimulates innovation, and creates solutions for national and global challenges.

QNET plays a big part in empowering entrepreneurship, particularly in developing countries, by bringing people the opportunity to build their own business through network marketing.  As an industry leader, our global company has seen how entrepreneurs affect change in their nations. Robust economies are products of nations that thrive in and celebrate independent business opportunities.

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QNET aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among citizens of developing nations. Our philosophy of raising yourself to help mankind upholds the value of self-empowerment in helping others and striving to achieve our dream of touching a billion hearts throughout the world.

QNET Managing Director JR Mayer tells the Examiner how QNET provides business skills, training and jobs to developing parts of the world. This is especially true because network marketing is an industry in which anyone is given an opportunity to succeed without discrimination. QNET is also committed to promoting and supporting small and medium sized business owners with local products that otherwise would have very little chance of being distributed and marketed.

Independent Representatives of QNET have a huge role in driving this vision further, as they bring the opportunity to build a business to each of their networks and create shockwaves throughout their communities. Their stories, as seen in the #LIVINGPROOF video, show how QNET changes lives of people around the world by empowering them with the ability to reach their dreams and giving them the belief that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

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