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Good Water Will Eliminate 80% of Disease

“If we drink good water, we can eliminate over 80% of disease” – WHO

Disease outbreaks are rare but there is considerable concern about the potential for an infectious disease to take hold and spread rapidly in a community. In this article discover how high quality water which is alkaline and mineralised helps maintain a strong, healthy, well hydrated body and immune system.


Many viral infections have a severely dehydrating effect on the body which even without the infection is extremely harmful to the body. Dangerous effect of dehydration include:

  • DNA damage increasing risk of cell mutations (cancer).
  • Cell receptor damage. Chronic dehydration causes enzymatic changes including reduced transportation of nutrients that lead to numerous problems.
  • Immune system suppression. Dehydration suppresses the immune system because histamine production in the body is increased which increases the production of a chemical called vasopressin, a strong suppressor of the immune system.
  • Changes in acid-alkaline balance. When dehydrated and urine output is diminished, acid waste accumulates in weak or vulnerable areas of the body. It is well known that a cancerous body is also an acidic body.

Harmful Acid Body

Did you know that depending on the food you eat your body’s acidity (pH) changes? These changes impact your health. See our infographic to learn which foods are acidic. Maintaining a balanced internal pH is excellent for your well being. However, due to a hectic and stressful day-to-day life, we are prone to high acidity from bad food habits, lack of exercise and exposure to pollution and environmental contaminants. If we do not address the stress this places on our body, we will be less able to cope when our body comes under attack from potentially life threatening bacterial and viral infections.

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How to balance your pH?

It’s pretty simple, drink alkaline water. QNET’s HomePure Alkaline Stick and Alkaline Jug are certified by the FDA, SGS Korea and are also approved by NSF. They are specially designed to alkalise the water you drink.

Inside HomePure’s Alkaline Stick and Alkaline Jug are thousands of ceramic balls, tested and approved by NSF International for their alkalising properties. These ceramic balls react with the molecular structure of fresh water to create an abundance of negative ions which will counter your body’s acidity cell by cell.

What makes Alkaline Water good for fighting infection?

Since one of the most important factors in getting through an infection is keeping hydrated, alkaline water hydrates your body up to 3 times faster than regular water.

Additionally, the specially coated ceramic balls promote the formation of micro-clusters of water at a molecular level. This allows it to better hydrate your cells, flush acidic toxins out and more efficiently transports nutrients and minerals to better stabilise and strengthen your body one cell at a time.

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To summarise, viral infections tend to dehydrate the body causing acid build up and cells to become starved of nutrients. Therefore water – a healthy, mineral-rich water like antioxidant Alkaline Water – is an effective weapon.

Be reminded that the HomePure Alkaline Stick and Jug are not a treatment for any specific illness and this information should not be relied on for the diagnosis or treatment of any illness. Consult your doctor before making important health decisions and gain professional guidance and treatment on any illness.

QNET makes the HomePure Alkaline Stick and Jug available to you under Home Care in the QNET eStore.

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