Everyone needs a cloth for all cleaning purposes but there is no cloth quite like QNET’s range of Nodorsil Microfibre All Purpose Cloths.

Nodorsil, as you know, is a revolutionary and extremely effective way to clean your home. This microfibre cloth actually lifts dirt from the surface and holds it in the cloth until it is washed.

Made with Silversan® technology, Nodorsil clothes also have antibacterial properties that last hundreds of washes.

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Check out these added benefits:

  • Cleans more effectively, reaching into surface pores and crevices, where cotton fibres are too large for deep cleaning.
  • Cleans virtually any soiling from any surface and contains more fibres per square inch than other cloths.
  • Four times more effective than ordinary cloths and has a longer lifespan use.
  • Uses less liquid than standard cotton, helping reduce expenses.
  • Has antibacterial properties and will not create problems for allergy sufferers.
  • When used with regular tap water is more effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces.
  • Is super absorbent; absorbing over seven times its weight in water. It also dries in one third of the time of an ordinary cloth.
  • Lint free and non-abrasive.

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