QNET will be at the 2014 Formula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand PrixThis weekend Marussia lights up for the only night race of the Formula 1 season! 250,000 people are expected for the 2014 Formula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix this Sunday night, 25 September.

Jules and Max will be quite literally lit up on the Marina Bay street circuit by 3000 lux of lighting. As a result, the track will be almost four times brighter than many stadiums!

But next weekend is not only about fast cars and wealthy networkers because some of the biggest names in entertainment will also be in attendance for one of the Formula One season’s biggest parties.


So after QNET sponsored Marussia have commanded respectable placings in Sunday’s final race, team members may just be able to catch Jennifer Lopez perform the closing act of the weekend, if they hurry the main stage.

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