Saturday, May 21, 2022

Your Specialist in Life’s Elixir: Air

I’m Andrew Ong and I am a certified specialist in nothing but air. Yup, if you fill a room with nothing, it is actually still full of one important thing, the elixir of life – AIR!

Believe it or not, the surroundings you are in, the environment that you spend most of your time, plays a critical role in all life – your life. And if the air is not healthy air, then your health will be negatively affected.

I am a trained Aeronautical Engineering Specialist, one time Army Logistics Officer (I kid you not!) and today I am a practicing certified indoor environmental consultant and air purification expert. I have my own indoor air consultancy business and work closely with QNET.

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I’m responsible for giving you the technical expertise you need to both enjoy AirPure 2 and promote its benefits to others. In addition to this, I am part of our product development team, providing input into everything related to indoor air quality.

Many of us, myself included, take the air we breathe for granted as we go about our daily activities but the quality of that air is actually very important. Remember what happens when a colleague or family member gets the flu and starts sneezing, next minute you have it too and this, at least partly, is to do with the shared air you’re breathing.

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building’s environment in relation to the health and wellbeing of the people inside it. IEQ is determined by many factors including lighting, air quality and moisture.

I am extremely determined to help you improve your IEQ because I know you are concerned about your health.

So folks, stay tuned as I regularly publish articles right here on QBuzz. Let me to share my knowledge with all of you and provide essential tools to help your network breathe easy.

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