Man made fires burning out of control are polluting the air across South East Asia. Protect your health with a few tips such as staying indoors including for exercise

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are once again plagued by hazey smoggy air caused by out of control fires raging through rainforests on the  Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Apart from ravaging habitat destruction across the only home of the Orangutan which means ‘person of the forest’, man-made fires are so extensive that they are severely polluting the air throughout a vast region of South East Asia.

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Don’t take the haze lightly. You cannot see it right in front of you, but you can see how it fills the air when you look into the distance. It is here and it is dangerous.

My advice is to keep indoors as much as possible. Avoid outdoor exercise. If you have a gym at your condo, use that. Drink plenty of water. Water treated with the HomePure Alkaline Stick or Jug will have heightened anti-oxidant alkaline properties that will support you body to deal with poor air.

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Andrew Ong is a certified indoor environmental consultant and air purification specialist with an extensive background in aeronautical engineering. Andrew provides technical expertise to QNET’s product development team and has his own indoor air quality assurance business.