Thanks to an ingenious method of automatic shopping called Autoship, it is now a whole lot easier to take care of your QNET quarterly maintenance requirements and to re-order your favourite repeat products.

Autoship is the hassle free way to complete your repeat QNET shopping and shipping.

With Autoship you can relax because you don’t need to worry about placing your next order; we’ll do it for you. QNET will arrange your purchase and have it delivered automatically to your doorstep on a monthly basis or however frequency you choose.

Autoship is especially useful for managing your online subscription to products such as QNET Life Site. By putting these on Autoship, you ensure access to the services you rely on is uninterrupted.

How do I place an item on Autoship?

It’s easy. Just select the Autoship frequency from the Autoship Repeat Frequency drop-down when viewing items in your Shopping Cart in the eStore. The Repeat Frequency drop-down becomes active in your Shopping Cart when you add items with Autoship to the Shopping Cart.

On the World Plan, products with Autoship include:

  • Olé Olive Leaf Extract
  • NutriSky
  • FibreFit
  • HomePure Alkaline Stick
  • QNET Life Site

We are regularly making more products available on Autoship and adding more frequency options to suit your usage.

How do I remove an item from Autoship?
Edit your Autoships from the footer of your Virtual Office dashboard.

When are Autoship items delivered?
When place a new order and select an Autoship Repeat Frequency, your items will be delivered immediately for the order you just placed and then future items will be automatically delivered to you thereafter at the selected interval.

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