1013-shoutout-for-taarana Taarana is a space that not only welcomes children with special learning needs, but also allows them the opportunity to grow, bloom, and reach their full potential in ways that conventional institutions cannot provide them.

Established by the Vijayaratnam Foundation in Malaysia, this project is part of our family, and as a family, we are called on by none other than Chief Pathman Senathirajah to do our part. Our networking journeys are fuelled by the passion to serve and touch lives. What better way to do so than support these children under our care?

And so, in the spirit of the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, the Shoutout For Taarana aims to raise money for the benefit of the children of Taarana and Find Two to pass the gift of charity on to!

Check out the below photos as Chief Pathman Senathirajah shaves his head for an AWESOME CAUSE… #Shoutout For Taarana.


To take up the challenge and make a difference, click HERE.