Everyone should travel as at least once in their life time. Travelling these days is as easy as opening a jar of honey. The advanced developments of infrastructures allow us to go anywhere in the world in just a matter of hours.

Choosing where to go or stay can be quite a difficult task since there are tons of options to choose from. How can you make sure you are choosing the right place for your perfect holiday? With QVI Club, you can ensure that your holiday is well taken care of.

QVI Club is your passport to an exciting new world of personalised vacation and travel experience. QVI Club offers you a vacation membership with more than two thousand hotels and resorts worldwide to choose from.

QVI Club can help you customise the holiday that will suit everyone in your family. The thrill of exploring new places, the certainty of a guaranteed accommodation, the opportunity to view the world in a way that is special to you, and pride in owning your own vacation, are just some of the features that make QVI Club the perfect partner for your lifestyle.

With QVI, explore the world like a traveller and not a tourist and see what it has to offer.

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