Your Prospect WILL Join when They See This Mobile App!

Learn about direct selling company, QNET, through this simple free mobile app.

You have a new tool in your sales arsenal. QNET4U is the mobile app that gives prospects the best possible content about shopping and earning with QNET.

Even though you’re a seasoned Independent Representative and a master of your presentation, sometimes it still feels like every prospect is turning you down.

QNET4U is mobile app add-on to your already slick QNET presentation, so you can give prospects a takeaway that has emotion, professionalism and style!

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QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson came up with the idea for an app like QNET4U that’s especially for prospects.

Donna-NSS-Malaysia“I know and we all know that QNET is the real deal, we are living it already. But convincing a prospect who is weary of direct sales, as we all once were, is one of the greatest daily challenges we face,” explains Donna.

“QNET4U wraps-up our best and most up-to-date content and serves it to prospects in a neat app to ensure they see our best side right when they’re potentially about to make the leap of faith by enrolling,” she adds.

In QNET4U, prospects browse QNET’s stunning products, discover how to make money selling QNET products and are totally inspired by people who are living proof of a better life with QNET.

Search for QNET4U or follow the links to the iOS App Store or Google Play and download it today. Take it for a test drive and weave it into your next presentation as a powerful takeaway for your prospect(s) or customer(s).

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  1. The app is very large and its not getting downloaded due to no sufficient space for the app. Caddress me with the size of this app and space requirement on phone

    • Hi Seedahmed, sorry to hear that. I’m afraid Google Play is the only place to currently access QNET4U for Android mobile devices. The app is also available on the Apple App Store for iOS also.

      In service,

    • Hi Dexter. QNET4U is not available on Blackberry at this time as not many of our users use a Blackberry device. QNET4U can be downloaded for iOS and Android. In service, Nathan, QNET.

  2. AWESOME!!!

    I’m off to pilot it. Safe landing expected.

    Qnet as usual is always ahead when it comes to customer-focused initiatives.

  3. Пользуюсь приложением и есть один недостаток, нет русского языка…


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