Physio-Radiance-3week-ChallengeSince it’s launch at V-Con in May, hundreds of people have taken their personal skin-care to the next level by purchasing the revolutionary Physio Radiance Visage+ facial toning device. For these beautiful people, we have a challenge!

The Visage+ has striking results when used daily, so the challenge to Visage+ owners is to use it every day for three weeks and experience the improvement.

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Send us your picture before and after you commence the 3 week challenge and we will pick the top 5. The best submissions will receive a complimentary tube of Physio Radiance Visage+ Gel and appear in an upcoming video for this remarkable device.

Submission Guidelines

1. To register for the challenge, send us your before-photo now or no later than Friday, 24 October, 2014.
2. Take the photos against a white background with good natural lighting using a high resolution digital camera (not a smartphone).
3. Do not wear visible make-up
4. Submit high resolution images only
5. After exactly 21 days, submit both your before- (again) and after-photo (No later than Friday, 14 November 2014)
6. You must use the Visage+ for 3-6 minutes once per day, every day for 21 days.
7. Submit images to with your name and IRID.

Send Your Before-Photo Now!