The first pro tip to prospect like a boss is to have very specific goals for each interaction. So the first goal is not to give the offer, but to make an appointment!

On Friday we launched QNET4U, the new prospecting app that gives prospects high quality digital content to take away from your presentation while they consider your offer. Today, we follow it up with some pro point to prospecting like a boss! says it perfectly: Prospecting in network marketing is like digging for diamonds because, like diamonds, you don’t have to find many prospects to become prosperous.

Your network marketing diamonds could be right in your backyard, or you might have to search further afield. Either way, here are 5  professional pointers about talking to a prospect:

Always have an objective. And we don’t mean only a general one. Each time you contact a prospect, you a purpose in mind. The initial contact is usually made so you can set up an appointment with your prospect, in which you will talk about your business offer further. Focus on getting that appointment. Yes, just the appointment. Don’t make it about your business opportunity just yet, resist the urge to talk at length about your offer—just focus on making an appointment! Once you’ve gotten your prospect to agree to an appointment, then you can focus on the next objective. We’ll talk more about that and other objectives another time.

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Establish a personal connection. Don’t call up all your prospects and immediately tell them about your business offer alone. Instead, ask them how they are doing, talk to them about their family, their job, whether they’ve been on vacation recently. These topics all connect to their finances, and by talking about them, you are able to find out where they have a need they want to address. You can then connect this desire with the QNET business opportunity.

Let them realise the magnitude of their needs. A good trick is to have that person imagine how good it would feel to achieve each of their goals. Allow them to visualise how they would celebrate buying their new house, how happy their kids would be on their first vacation abroad and so on. Then ask them to imagine what a loss it would be if they were not able to achieve those goals. Let them know how the QNET business opportunity will help them ensure the first scenario is what becomes the reality.

Don’t take it personally. You will get rejected. Some prospects will simply refuse to join you and some who do might not see it all the way through. That’s okay. Do not allow yourself to be disheartened by this and never ever take it out on your prospect if they end up refusing your offer or leaving the business prematurely. Instead, use this as a learning experience and approach the matter with understanding. This way, every prospect, whether you’re successful at getting them onboard or not, will still benefit your business in the long run.

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Always show the passionate YOU. To gain your prospect’s trust, there is one thing you must always remember: be genuine. Never try to appear as someone you are not. This will have adverse effects to your integrity and reputation. Instead, strive to be the best version of yourself and show your enthusiasm when talking to people. This focused, genuine glow is very attractive, and the right prospect will receive this keenly.

And finally the obvious bonus tip, encourage them to use download QNET4U. It will guide them through a series of videos including a full product portfolio so they have a good overall understanding of the opportunity they have in their hand!