A six-year-old refused to walk, and crawled everywhere instead. A little boy wouldn’t speak because he felt that no one would understand him anyway. Another child just screamed each time he wanted something. Many parents had similar challenges with their children and many almost lost all hope – until they found Taarana.

Established in Malaysia, Taarana is the brainchild of Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson of the Vijayaratnam Foundation. In this video, she talks about how the idea for the school was born and which started her on the path to help children with special learning needs.

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With the support of highly qualified teachers who are trained in various aspects of special education, she carefully planted the seeds of unconditional love, hope and encouragement in this wonderful space that continues to touch children’s lives and help them thrive in ways beyond our imagination.

Taarana is a pillar of support for parents and children. As these young ones learn important skills, they gradually transition into society as young adults, able to live normal, independent lives.

We’re making a difference in a child’s life. Today, and every day.