Youngest Living Proof Ever? Larisa Kubanza

My name is Larisa Kubanza and I am living proof. Allow me to tell you about how QNET has changed and continues to change my life.

I first became acquainted with QNET through my lovely mother, Gabriela, in 2006. She opened the door to a beautiful world of possibilities, opportunities and the chance for a healthy start. At that time I was only 10 and my main priorities were choosing which tree I wanted to climb or which flavour ice cream I wanted. Nonetheless, my mother made sure that QNET became an indelible part of mine and my family’s lives.

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The Amezcua Bio Disc 2, Energy Shell and Chi Pendant 2 are a staple in our day to day life. They heal our stomach aches and painful cramps, the food in the fridge is more vibrant and, overall, the energy in our house feels elevated. Plus, we all have an E-Guard stuck firmly to our mobile phones.

I vividly remember my 13th birthday when my mother offered me a chic, silver CIMIER watch. I felt so grown up and anyone who sees me on a daily basis will confirm that it has hardly left my wrist in 5 years. Even looking at it now, it still looks brand new. Oh, and let me mention the hundreds of compliments I get on my alluring Bernhard H. Mayer® white and pink gold, diamond encrusted, heart shaped necklace.

One thing I love about QNET is that we do not simply spend all our money on having these beautiful products because it’s all part of our business, it’s just what we do.

We’ve also had so many memorable moments with incredible Q-breaks vacation packages. Alvor, Portugal; Manzi Monate near Pretoria and two amazing resorts in Kruger Park, all in South Africa, are only a few of the places we have visited. The service and hospitality was better than expected every single time!

Now let me say something about the Physio Radiance. My everlasting quest to find the right products for my face finally reached an end as soon as the post-man rang the bell. Before I purchased these soon to be treasures of mine, I had problems with blemishes and uneven skin tone on my face. My combination skin was uncontrollable and it made me feel insecure. After using the whole set religiously, Physio Radiance not only diminished my blemishes but it also erased any traces of insecurity and restored my confidence in a matter of weeks.

My facial skin tone is more even and the oily part of my face which was mainly in the T-zone area was no longer existent. My absolute favourite is the Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid which gives my face a smooth and silky finish. Many have told me that my face glows and I think this was partly because I started to feel better from the inside out.

My next acquisition will be QNET’s facial toning device, the Physio Radiance Visage+. I want to know everything about it so that I can teach other women how reap its benefits for their own skin. I plan to start using it on my mother and record the progress, a 3-minute daily routine is nothing if it helps her to look and feel younger.

All in all, I can proudly say that QNET has turned our lives around in the most beneficial and constructive way possible. The effectiveness of all QNET’s health and home products encourage us to spread the word so that they too can benefit from a life with QNET.

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