Sunday, May 22, 2022

Representatives in Hong Kong Achieve and Eat Cake Too

QNET threw a party in Hong Kong for our top achieving Independent Representatives (IRs) in the city state which is also home to QNET’s headquarters.


Over 800 leading IRs were invited to the function in the exhibition centre not far from our headquarters in Kowloon Bay.

11 IRs were awarded their gold pins and certificates to mark their advancement to Gold Star Rank.

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  1. sorry miss-spelt i was sad that i started as IR very lately but great to know the incredible income potential

  2. it was so sad to start as an IR in q net but great to know the incredible growth of the company iam a newly signed up person i didnt have done my complete learning so i was looking for an extraordinary personality who can help me through my unbelievable bussiness so i please request anyone of you who can help me to do this successfully in my life iam looking forward to come in contact with you guys


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