Inside your HomePure water filter is one of these! It’s the water filter cartridge and you need to replace it annually to ensure your water remains clean, healthy and great tasting!

If you already own a water filter such as the HomePure 7-Stage (pictured) or HomePure Eaze, then you are already sensitive to the importance of drinking not just any water but water that you know is healthy and free of contaminants, not to mention better tasting.

But there is a critical activity you need to do after purchasing your water filter and it is one you must repeat every year…

It’s probably the most important step, other than purchasing the water filter in the first place, to ensure you are enjoying the health benefits of clean, healthy and great tasting water.

Replace the Filter Cartridge!

If you haven’t changed your filter cartridge in over a year, here’s two reasons why you need to do so immediately:

  1. After the filter has filtered all the water it can and reached the end of its usable life, filter media such as the Activated Carbon Block become clogged and is the perfect environment for bacteria which can potentially re-contaminate your drinking water.
  2. The Ultrafiltration Membrane has a limited lifetime as the quality and durability of the hundreds of hollow fibres reduce over time. With continued use, water flow is diminished and the filter becomes less effective at removing bacteria and contaminants present in the water.

So, if you don’t change your filter cartridge each year or as soon as the cartridge has exceeded the volume of water it was designed to cope with, you have no assurance that your drinking water is clean and safe!

When was your filter cartridge last replaced? If you haven’t replaced yours for awhile, what are you waiting for?

Visit your QNET eStore today and order at least two from the Home Care category; one to replace the filter immediately and another on hand for next time so that you always know your water is clean.

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