Jien Howe is a young 23 year old IR in Malaysia who was fed up with acne, pimples and blemishes. Read what he tells QBuzz about how BioSilver 22 Gel cleared up his skin.

When we shared Maria Brown’s blog post on BioSilver, Jien Howe posted a comment that made me think that he’s got a story to tell.

I befriended him on Facebook, initiated a friendly chat and found out that he’s a 23-year old Independent Representative (IR) from Malaysia and has been doing the QNET business for more than 5 years already.

Check out his answers to the questions I posed to him about BioSilver 22 Gel.

QNET IR Jien Howe
QNET IR Jien Howe

Q: How did you become a regular user of BioSilver?
A: During one product training in QNET Malaysia, I got a free BioSilver and that’s when I got to try using it on my skin.

Q: What were your skin problems before you started using BioSilver?
A: My skin is very sensitive. I used to have a lot of pimples and their scars were leaving dark spots on my face.

Q: How long did you use BioSilver before you noticed its effects on your skin?
A: I noticed the results within 2-3 days of using it.

Q: How many times in a day do you apply BioSilver on your face?
A: Twice a day – in the morning after a shower, before I go out to network, and at night when I’m relaxing after a busy day.

Q: How’s your skin now after regular use of BioSilver?
A: I rarely have pimples now and so my skin is smoother and blemish free.

Q: What would you tell the readers about BioSilver?
A: I would tell them more about the antibacterial and healing properties of nano-silver and the wonder it can do for your skin. I would advise them to use BioSilver as it’s a perfect natural product to use against bacterial skin problems like acne.

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