No other water cartridges on the market provide 7 stages of water filtration including a Pi-water ceramic balls. Provide only the best water for you and your family.
No other water cartridges on the market provide 7 stages of water filtration, including Pi-water ceramic balls, provide only the best water for you and your family.

Water, in its purest form, is odourless, nearly colourless and tasteless. It’s in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You use it to clean yourself, your clothes, your dishes, your car and everything else around you.

It covers about 70 percent of our Earth and constitutes about 70% of your body. If you’re familiar with the lines “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” from the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” you’ll understand that 97 percent of it is undrinkable sea water.

So of the 3% we could potentially drink, this too is under increasing pressure from water-borne disease and contaminants associated with man-made environmental pollution. It is imperative that you take extra care and protection to ensure that the water you drink is safe.

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While the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System doesn’t solve the  problem of environmental degradation which we must all play a part in addressing, it does produce stunningly refreshing water. HomePure 7-Stage filtered water is good tasting, clean and safe drinking water and is also Pi-water.

Check out the 7-Stages to the best drinking water you can imagine and which can be yours today and everyday thanks to QNET.

1. Sediment Filter

Made of PE net and two-layered non-woven fabric material, this stage filters out suspended solids such as rust residues, mud, and sand larger than 5 micron (5/1000 mm). This is just to give the water better clarity.

2. Activated Carbon Block Filter

The carbon block filter further absorbs all those chemicals lingering in the water. The HomePure activated carbon block also comprises a larger filter surface area, which is more efficient than a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) filter, providing better absorption of contaminants. We’re already getting the water pretty darn safe to drink.

3. Activated Carbon Ceramic Balls

Ever noticed that though water is meant to be tasteless and odourless, it sometimes does have a slight difference in taste and smell? The activated carbon ceramic balls are specially coated, made at low-temperature processes, and are responsible for removing any substance that causes water to smell or taste odd, making your water yummy to drink.

4. Pi-water Ceramic Balls from Japan

In this stage Pi-water is created by adding a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) to water through ceramics. When Fe2Fe3 is added to tap water, it suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals. The Pi-water ceramic neutralises the adverse effects of active oxygen, preventing the action of hazardous ions, and controlling the oxidation reduction reaction.

5. Tourmaline Ceramic Balls

The tourmaline ceramic balls reduce water clustering and have antibacterial qualities. They help preserve the source of mineral microelements in water that are beneficial for wellness.

6. Ultrafiltration Hollow Fibre Membrane

While the size of the smallest bacteria is 0.2 to 0.3 micron (a hair size is around 70-140 micron), the HomePure Ultrafiltration membrane has hollow fibre membranes with pore sizes ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micron. This stage removes bacteria and microscopic impurities while allowing beneficial water minerals to pass through. Now talk about clean water, huh!

7. Antibacterial Silver-lite Stone

Made of inorganic compound materials, the antibacterial Silver-lite stone prevents bacteria and algae growth using Silver ions (Ag+) that move throughout the filter. So, the remaining water in the filter does not become contaminated and bacteria are prevented from re-entering the filter.

What makes this whole scenario better? HomePure’s filter cartridge is also easy to change when it is due for replacement that having clean and safe water to drink is possible every day!

Find the HomePure 7-Stage Filtration System and 7-in-1 Replacement Filter Cartridges under Home Care in the QNET eStore today.

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 “Clean water, the essence of life and a birth right for everyone, must become available to all people now.”- Jean-Michel Cousteau