“A traveller enters the world into which he travels, but a tourist brings his own world with him and never sees the one he’s in.” ― Thomas H. Cook.

Often when we travel, a lot of us are so determined to see what we are supposed to see and doing what we think we should do. This is to the extent that we have forgot what travelling should be all about. Trying to fit all of the famous landmarks into a few days schedule can be such a pain in the neck. Standing in line for 4 hours just to see a ‘famous’ painting isn’t really how you would want to spend your precious time. Here are three tips on how to better spend your time when on vacation to actually be a traveller and not a tourist:

Be Spontaneous!
Forget about all those famous landmarks and sightseeing! Be spontaneous and let the city tell you where to go. Don’t try to jam-packed all the highlights in such a short time, give yourself some time to breath and enjoy the true beauty of the place you visit. Go where you feel like going and stay there as long as you feel like staying. Breathe in your surroundings.

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Be Local!
Find out what the locals are doing. Talk to them as much as possible. Interact with them, strike a conversion with them at the bus stop, in a park or even in a restaurant. Elders are your most valuable tour guides. Try taking a bus or public transportation or visiting the local fresh market just to get the real taste of the culture.

Be Open-minded and Embrace the Differences
Different countries have different cultures. Don’t judge others with your standard. Try to be open-minded and try to see or learn things each countries have to offer. Respect the cultures and the people!

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