A flashing red light means it is probably time to change your water filter cartridge. If your filter cartridge is at the end of it’s life, here’s three things you should worry about:

  1. Your water is not Pi-Water anymore
  2. The taste is not as pure as it should be
  3. And chemical or other contaminants are not removed.

Time to change your water filter cartridge? This video tells you how:

  • Step 1: Remove the Tube and the Flexible pipe
  • Step 2: Pull out the Top Cover and Remove the Retaining Ring
  • Step 3: Open the Valve, Then Press the Ejectors Firmly
  • Step 4: Remove the Old Filter and Clean the Inside with Cloth
  • Step 5: Insert the New Filter to the Adapter and Reset the Indicator
  • Step 6: Put Back the Top Cover and Re-connect the Tube

We’re concerned about your health and you need to be concerned too. Visit the eStore to order your HomePure cartridge now.

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