Networking Wake-Up Call for Leaders in East Africa

Leasdership-Camp-UgandaAs the General Manager of QNET East Africa I was thrilled to see 350 QNET Independent Representatives (IRs) attend the EAC (East African Community) Leadership Camp at Speke Resort Munyonyo (Commonwealth Resort) in Kampala, Uganda on 2 November.

The participants all received first class training on network marketing leadership and heard words of wisdom and inspiration from V Ambassadors who graced the event; namely, V Partner Adly Hassan, Associate V Partners Balajee Kumar, Manoj Kumar and Kalai Manikam and V Council Member Doreen Kato.

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Most of those who participated for the first time admitted how misguided they  had been on network marketing. They declared that the event was a wakeup call for them to listen to their uplines and to upgrade their attitude towards networking.

My takeaways from the leadership camp can be summarised in 3 points:

  1. Listen to prospects. This is crucial. Let the prospect talk so you can find out their needs, their struggles both financially and personally and their goals. You can’t do anything without this information.
  2. Create a bridge between where they are and where they want to be. Let the opportunity offered by the company and the benefits of its products be that bridge.
  3. Tap into emotions. Help them envisage a free and happy future as a QNET IR.

Using networking principles effectively and with integrity will make you accomplish your goals of creating and maintaining a healthy network. But you need to be hard working and consistent. You have to know your facts, know your audience and be proactive.

Attitude Upgrade! That was the slogan of QNET EAC.

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