Do you speak QVI Club?

If you’re new to QVI Club, here is some help with all the terms and phrases used that will help you understand how to get the most out of your QVI Club Membership.

QVI Club is one of QNET’s most popular products for our customers because everyone loves a holiday and QVI Club gives you the comfort of knowing that your next exotic vacation is just around the corner! Our vacation club offers access to thousands of resorts and hotels around the world through special QVI Club Memberships available in the QNET eStore.

This is your QVI Mini-Dictionary so feel free to look back at it whenever you feel like you may not understand some of the QVI lingo.

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Term or PhraseMeaning
6M QVI Club Membership Validity Extn Fee Extension of validity period of the QVI Club Membership for 6 months.
6M Special Packages Validity Extn FeeExtension of the validity period of the Special Packages for 6 months.
Apartment Hotel(also aparthotel and apartel)A serviced apartment complex that uses a hotel-style booking system similar to renting an apartment, but without fixed contracts.
Boutique HotelA stylish, small hotel, typically situated in a fashionable urban location.
Cancellation Protection Order (CPO) Protection against the forfeiture of the week(s) entitlement if cancellation is 29 days or less prior to check-in date.
Guest Certificate FeeFee payable for reservation assigned to a person/s other than the registered buyer.
Local plansAdapting products or services to a particular country, culture, inclusive of local taxes. India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Turkey have their own local plans.
QVI Club Cxl FeeCancellation fee chargeable for reservation(s) cancelled (X) no. of days prior to check-in date.
Serviced ApartmentA furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, providing amenities for daily use. They include soft-furnishings, cooking utensils and cleaning services included.
Special Package Cxl FeeCancellation fee chargeable for reservation(s) cancelled (X) no. of days prior to check-in date.
XchangeWorld Split WeekSplit the entitlement use into a three-night or four-night stay.
Transfer of Ownership FeeTransfer of existing QVI Club Membership to a new member.
Usage Fees(also known as Maintenance Fee)Fees collected to fund the maintenance of our Home properties and acquisition of new properties for use by members.
Vacation ClubA variation on the timeshare model, instead of purchasing the rights to a specific unit, vacation club members pay an upfront sum for hotel accommodation over a number of years, which can be used for different vacations each year. Annual usage fee applies.
Xchange FeesFees collected on behalf of our affiliated partners similar to the Usage Fee.

If you have other phrases that you think should be a part of our QVI Mini-Dictionary, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to add them in!

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