Have you lost your HomePure User Guide? To make your life easier, we’ve created a convenient slideshare presentation that takes you through the steps of changing the filter cartridge for your HomePure water filter.

Lately, we’ve written quite a few times about replacing or changing the filter cartridge in your water filter because we think it’s really important.

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Having an outstanding HomePure water filter but then not replacing the filter cartridge when necessary is like having a car and not refilling it with gas – It’s like having it for show in the driveway but not going anywhere in it.

But actually, it’s probably worse than that because not replacing the water filter means you could be exposing yourself and your family to water that is actually being contaminated by a clogged and expired filter cartridge.

Visit your eStore today and order two filter cartridges, one to replace the cartridge as soon as you get it and another to have on hand for when it comes time to change it next time.