Jane Komuhangi Busaasi
Jane Komuhangi Busaasi

Jane Komuhangi Busaasi is an Independent Representative in Uganda and her favourite QNET product is the Amezcua Bio Disc 2.

Jane says she started using the Bio Disc more than 5 years ago and continues using it because it has made a positive difference in her life and that of her family and friends.

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“I use the Bio Disc to help my mother manage her blood pressure for which she takes medication. Three weeks after using Bio Disc to treat her drinking and cooking water, her blood pressure improved and her doctor even reduced the dosage of her medication. At 78 years of age, she is able to pull out of many ill health issues much faster than before.”

“For me also, I had high blood pressure and was on medication. But I have now been off that medication for about 4 years!” shares Jane.

Working with QNET has taught her to believe in herself, to dream big and made it possible for her dreams to come true.

“The income from the business has enabled me to educate my two children at a good university in Malaysia which would not have been possible with my job at the time. My daughter graduated last year and she is doing QNET with me because the jobs are not easily available in Uganda.”

The best part? “I am my own boss!” exclaims Jane.