In this video we teach you how to rock a QNET incentive promo! Here is a summary of the six tips we cover in the video:

  1. Get all the details from your upline, read all the training materials in your virtual office, watch the promo videos and participate in any WebiLearn sessions and check QNET’s social pages updates so that you completely understand the details.
  2. Gather your team to discuss strategies and devise a plan to get the most out of the limited time you have to maximize the promo’s rewards!
  3. Use the incentive promo to raise yourself to a new level. Then, once the promo has finished, sustain that increased level of operation and make it a benchmark, your new normal.
  4. At the heart of any promo is getting out and meeting more prospects. So, doing your presentation well and more often is really really important.
  5. Be a product of your product. Believe in the products you are selling and others will too.
  6. Finally, remember to believe in yourself. Keep your goals in mind and work hard to achieve them.

Do all these things and not only have you won the battle, you’ll be well on the way to total financial freedom.

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