State of the art web conferencing just got even better with BrilNet!
State of the art web conferencing just got even better with BrilNet!

A major upgrade of BrilNet is complete. The state of the art web conferencing solution for BrilTime subscribers just got even better!

The browser edition and the mobile apps are all revamped to introduce a raft of features that add convenience and productivity to all your important online meetings.

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New BrilNet Features:

  • BrilNet contacts and scheduled calls are synced across all devices.
  • Subscribers can join calls from their laptop or mobile, the choice is theirs.
  • Invite any BrilNet subscriber to a call using the global address book.
  • Host and participate in video conference calls with up to seven people.
  • Host and participate in voice-only calls with up to 20 people.
  • See your schedule in local time.
  • All video conference call participant can write on the in-call whiteboard.
  • Download recorded calls in a convenient file.
  • Files shared during a call are permanently saved for future reference.
  • External or non-subscribed users can also use the Phone and Tablet apps to join a BrilNet meeting, for free! Mobility extended all the way!*

*Updated 27 August 2015

Log in to BrilNet by clicking the dashboard banner in your Virtual Office now and test out these exciting enhancements to the video conference solution made by and for network marketers.

Download the mobile app:

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