2014 was an amazing year. But QNET will make your 2015 bigger, bolder and better than anything you have ever experienced before. With so many exciting plans and changes in the pipeline, all we can say is… get ready for a super, awesome, new YOU.

QNET’s theme for the new year is 2015: The Game Changer. Embrace this theme and make it your own. As our networkers, you are the fuel that drives this company forward.

Be a Game Changer

People who execute game changers see things from a radical new perspective, in a way that others don’t. A game changer is transformational; turning something from ordinary to extraordinary!

In this special video message, our Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran urges us to join him in a spectacular journey where we reinvent and rebuild ourselves as a team.

You can start by tossing out old ideas and breaking out of conventional thinking. Help take QNET to great heights by focussing on being different, new, visible and attractive.

Watch this inspiring video and get ready to change your game as we introduce the game changer!

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