Just in time for Christmas, QNET took a group of deaf school students in Bangkok on a field trip to Safari World in Bangkok on 20 December.

The field trip was organised by QNET staff at our Thailand office, where much of QNET’s global marketing operations are based, as their last CSR activity for 2014.

QNET Managing Director JR Mayer attended the event and was very pleased with the day.

“Today was lots of fun, both for us as staff as well as for these amazing young people. These young guys have amazing communication skills like sign-language and lip-reading which allow them to overcome the challenge of impaired hearing that life has given them. It was an inspiration to be in their company,” said JR.

About 40 young students from the Setsatian School for the Deaf let their imagination run wild amid dolphins, african wildlife and exotic birds.

About 40 students participated in the field trip.
There were plenty of #qnetmoments to be shared.
QNET MD JR Mayer with students and the thank you cards they prepared.
Hand feeding exotic birds was among the activities enjoyed by the students.
Ann from the Promotions and Events team and one of the students made friends with these little guys.
Fon and Sandra strike a pose.
QNET MD JR Mayer reads a thank you card from one of the students.
Thomas, our German translator, was popular with the students!

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