I have everything beyond my wildest expectations. Right now, I have a crowd of 7,000 people come to my weekly presentations. QNET is a road, a bridge and a vehicle to achieve all my dreams.


Deni Hartoyo from Indonesia started as an Independent Representative when he was young. He explains that at first he did not understand the true potential of life with QNET but then…

“I grew up in Trenggalek, a small city in the province of East Java and was introduced to QNET by my older brother Gita Hartanto in 2003. I did not take the business seriously at first. But as time went by, I slowly began to understand more and more about network marketing by watching my brother as he built his team. My belief in QNET grew until I finally realised it could provide me real long-term results. That was when I decided to make QNET part of my journey.”