8 years ago, I was a normal student who naively thought that getting a degree will get me a good-paying job that would allow me to give my single mother a better lifestyle. The life-changing decision to join QNET has led me to an unbelievable and marvellous journey which has completely changed my life. Currently, I am enjoying the time and freedom that most people my age can only dream for. I have complete financial security.


Simon Cheung from Malaysia has had a transformational experience with QNET and no longer needs to worry about being able to look after his mother. Yet, the thing he loves most of all is not having turned around his own life but transformed so many other’s too.

“The most amazing part of my journey is being involved in changing other people’s lives, something I never thought I had the ability to do. QNET has absolutely changed my life. I always enjoy every moment I get to introduce myself as a LEGEND to friends! Thanks QNET, for changing my life!”