QBuzz Voice of QNETWe reviewed all our most popular articles from 2014 and found some likely suspects about what you like to read plus one surprising exception.

Firstly, incentive promos are BIG in the QNET world, so of course, anything ‘promo’ will dominate the list for our most popular articles. However, if you want the full juicy details on each promo, it can only be revealed to you inside your Virtual Office. But this year, we did provide two new items to help you make the most out of ANY incentive promo:

And of course, it probably goes without saying that the QNET and Manchester City Football Club partnership was a huge headline last year and easily featured in our list of top content. Our main landing page for the partnership was second most popular only after the main QBuzz landing page itself!

But here’s the kicker: we have managed to capture the global Google market for people searching for ways of conserving our environment. Our 2013 article by Gil Cadiz offering tips on what you can do to help humanity improve its damaging impact on our planet was our fifth most popular article in 2014!

This is heart-warming to us because we really want to ensure everyone is doing their part for the environment including us! Which is one of the reasons why we are a 100% vegetarian oraganisation.

What exciting stories lie ahead are anyones guess but we are certain there will be plenty of great stories to ahead. If you haven’t already, sign up now to QBuzz Updates by submitting your email address in the widget in the top left corner of the screen to receive the latest headlines direct to your inbox.