Wednesday, May 18, 2022

How Does it Feel to Walk the Blue Carpet?

This month a group of QNET Independent Representatives in the UK were treated to a Blue Carpet Experience at Etihad Stadium and if they weren’t Man City fans before, they certainly are now!

Sumit Tawanee from team Infiniti has been with QNET for over a year and said he was extremely proud to see QNET blazoned over Etihad Stadium for Man City v Arsenal.

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“The partnership is a boost to the team here and made me proud to be associated with QNET. It sure was an amazing experience that has made me closer to MCFC.”

The group was extremely lucky to have the chance to briefly meet and shake hands with MCFC players as they arrived at the stadium and walked the Blue Carpet from their bus into the locker room.

Rajesh Jaiswal, whose favourite products are the Bio Disc, BioSilver and QVI Club also became an MCFC fan during the match.

“Seeing the players face to face, live was without doubt, the exciting highlight of my time with QNET so far!” exclaims Rajesh.

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  1. It was an awasome experience, to be in the Stadium and seeing our Logo flashing every now & then. This partnership with MCFC is going to be like Rocket Fuel for the Business.. Thanks Qnet, My Uplines and all my Team…


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