VC Tobing holding his customised MCFC Football Jersey
AVP Tobing holding his customised MCFC Football Jersey

Even if you’re not a raving football fan, owning personally named jersey of an English Premier League Club is pretty darn cool.

So to make our top uplines and leaders feel extra special, like football stars even, while they were all together in Malaysia recently for the ICE Summit, we took the opportunity to give each one their own MCFC Football Jersey.

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These were not just QNET MCFC Merchandise, they were official Manchester City Football Club jerseys of the type worn by players on the field!

Each jersey was personalised with their name on the back and the number 10. What was the significant of the number 10, you ask? Well, that will become apparent in the weeks ahead as we unveil more of how 2015 will be a game changing year.

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