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Get Rid of Your Allergies Once and For All

Get Rid of Allergies AirPure

I remember playing outside as a child and having sneezing fits of such force and duration that my body seemed possessed. Afterward, I would be left standing in some grassy backyard, eyes watering, face flushed and a runny nose, as if I had just been spun off a terrible carnival ride.

As I got older, my habits didn’t help my cause, allergy-wise. I am one of those who loves collecting old (and new) books, stuffed toys (from the past) amongst others, thus filling my room with dust magnets, perversely refusing to clean it. Looking back, my seven-year-itch of long sinus infection could be due to the lack of spring cleaning.

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Still, I get tired of being the itchy-eyed colleague who has exhausted her co-workers with endless sneezing. So, as the pollen count rose this year, I decided to be more proactive. Since my attitude towards pharmaceuticals and using the vacuum cleaner has not changed, I opted for technology – an air purifier.

For several weeks now, the rooms of my apartment have whirred with the sound of my brand new AirPure Air Purifier, stripping the allergens, pollutants and odours from my indoor air. My cat, whose ungodly smelling litter box was another motivating factor, seemed to sense a change in the atmosphere, as well.

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I have been closely monitoring my usual symptoms, the watery eyes and nose, to see if there is any difference and remarkably my sinus infection has improved markedly! Just remember that room air purifiers only work for the room in which they are placed. Since you spend eight hours in your bedroom every night, this should be the first room in which to locate a room air cleaner. However, you may also spend several hours each day in your kitchen, TV room or office, so you may need a separate room air purifier for each of these rooms.

Will an air purifier get rid of my allergies?

I believe it will, significantly. But the only real way to determine if this will help you personally is to get one, run it for a while, and decide for yourself. Air purifiers will help create clean, breathable air and when combined with not smoking indoors, vacuuming and dusting regularly and keeping pets outside as much as possible, you can kiss those allergies farewell – once and for all!

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